With the advancement of the digital age many companies have found themselves tasked with the great responsibility of selling to their customers online.
This requires them to not only provide a simple and foolproof method of checking out but also provide accurate and enticing images of their products for their customers' benefit.
If you can see the product clearly and present it professionally it would make sense that it could increase the trust between your customer and your brand.

You care enough to invest in high quality photos so that your customer feels secure enough to invest in your product.

I encourage my clients to be hands on and involved in the design and planning of their product shoot. This accomplishes two things. The first being a continuous flow of communication between photographer and client which aids in meeting the expectations set by the client. The second being the opportunity for the client to participate in the creative process, essentially putting their “thumbprint" on their images.

I have experience manipulating light in my studio to capture precise details in a handcrafted work of art. I also offer on location shooting for products and I am available to travel to you if needed.

It’s important to me to do what it takes to deliver high quality images that are so critical in representing your product properly. It’s important to me because it’s important to you!

I understand a company may have a need for a high volume of images and that is why I offer a consultation via Zoom meeting or in person to design a personalized quote that will not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations.

Van Marie Portrait and Design is committed to partnering with companies and business owners in the production of authentic and accurate product images.
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