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At Van Marie Portrait and Design our mission is to provide great images and unforgettable experiences.
Our desire is to have you leave feeling like a million bucks! You are our priority!

There are plenty of studies that have shown the importance of first impressions and for many individuals most often that first impression is through their business card.
A professional and stylish headshot that is designed around your unique style and personality can make a big difference in how a client perceives you.

A good headshot also communicates that you have taken into account the way in which you have chosen to present yourself to the public.
As a professional ask yourself, “What do I want my headshot to communicate?”.

Expert recommendations have suggested updating your headshot after a major change in appearance such as a cool new haircut or new hair color, significant change in body composition, a shift in personal style or every 2 years.

Headshot Sessions are $199 per person and includes one high resolution headshot. Each additional image is $99 each.

You will view your gallery immediately following your session and have the opportunity to make your selection, purchase, and go over any editing preferences.
Average editing turnaround time is 24-48 hours per person so you can use your images as quickly as possible.